Mr. Nirav Tripathi( Father of Ananya Tripathi)
One of the Best Pre-school of the City. Excellent Infrastructure, well equipped Children friendly & Safe Campus.Focused,well qualified, passionate, Very Caring Promoters with experience of above 28 years and 100% Involvement.Experienced & qualified Team of promoters & Mentors.Very Reasonable fees structure.Good Balance of latest teaching methods like Interactive Smart class rooms & Traditional Method of teaching with Co-curricular activities. Preparing students for future.
Mr. Rajesh Bhatt ( Father of Parv Bhatt)
Excellent Pre-school. Safe & Children friendly well equipped Campus with all the facilities like interactive smart A.C. Class Rooms etc.Experienced & qualified Teachers & Directors. Fees structure is also reasonable that too without compromising quality.Shaping Children for the future with Training and co-curricular activities.